Where to Buy NFTs: Best NFT Marketplaces in 2022

The world is changing and you can’t simply close your eyes and deny it. People are now spending their money and time on CryptoKitties, Bored Apes, and other NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collectibles.

If you’re just getting into the NFT crypto community, you might not know where to buy them or what they can do. No need to worry, we’ve prepared a list of the best NFT marketplaces to help you with that.

But let’s first answer this question.

What is an NFT

An NFT is a non-fungible token that is a representation of a digital asset. It can represent ownership, value, or any other collectible item that is absolutely unique. Unlike fungible tokens, NFTs are also serialized and tracked on the blockchain, increasing their utility as it provides a way to determine who owns what.

This is particularly interesting because it creates a way to prove ownership of scarce virtual goods. The entire industry surrounding NFTs has exploded in popularity, resulting in the creation of many different marketplaces that exist exclusively for buying or selling these unique items.

While there are currently available options if you want to buy NFTs, some are better than others. Not all marketplaces fulfill the needs of every consumer, and not everyone is using NFTs for the same reason. Some of these platforms serve a specific purpose or niche while innovating how people create, trade, and sell within the NFT community.

Let’s look at some of the options available to you right now if you’re looking to buy or sell NFTs.

Best NFT Marketplaces of 2022

1. OpenSea

OpenSea is a peer-to-peer marketplace for all things NFT, with $14.68 billion in all-time trading volume. They offer both game items and collectibles, artwork, music videos, etc., making it the original go-to place if you want any type of virtual asset!

MetaMask is really the easiest way to get started with OpenSea. Just connect your Ethereum wallet, and you’re ready!

Buying an NFT can be as simple or complicated depending on the buyer’s preference. If they want it to be easy, then there are plenty of browsing options available for those with no idea what their desired item might look like.

If complexity is more appealing, finding a specific piece should present a slight problem with all these different categories spilling over into one another: paintings together with sculptures both indoors and out; drawings either framed or unframed, plus watercolor sketches captured directly onto the paper.

2. Rarible

Rarible marketplace is an Ethereum-based platform where artists can sell their digital art and collectibles. It currently has the ninth-highest all-time trading volume, according to Dappradar, with $277.9 million worth of trades made so far!

Rarible’s user interface is simple enough for anyone to use; users who have dabbled in similar NFT marketplaces like OpenSea will quickly feel right at home.

You can log in using various crypto wallets, including MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet. Once signed in, you have access to funds stored on your device, as well as the option to buy or top up with fiat currency via bank transfer or debit card if preferred!

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3. KnownOrigin

KnownOrigin is a smaller, more curated experience for NFT collectors. The platform aims to provide the best of what it offers with all artwork files being held in IPFS, and safety is a top priority here.

Again, just like the other two marketplaces above, KnownOrigin is very easy to use and operate. You connect your wallet via Metamask or Formatic, and you’re ready to bid on your favorite NFTs.

4. Nifty Gateway

Nifty gateway is a blockchain-based online marketplace that allows its users to buy or sell NFTs. As opposed to the free-for-all found on some platforms, their team carefully curated what can be sold through this service – ensuring exclusivity and providing collectors with high-quality items they need.

Safety is one of the most significant issues faced by Nifty gateway. In March 2021, hackers were able to crack multiple accounts, and both steal funds from them and buy new NFTs using users’ money.

Unfortunately, this was utterly undetected until it was too late! While some cash-equivalent tokens may have been recovered in this instance (though not all), there are still many coins gone forever because we don’t know where they went or what happened when those transactions occurred.

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5. Binance NFT Marketplace

Though not a surprise for any crypto enthusiast, it has been revealed that Binance is providing an NFT marketplace on its platform. The company aims to attract more users with exclusive offerings and partnerships to create the world’s finest decentralized exchange (NFT).

Hello, Binance account holders! If you’ve already got one, it’ll be easy for you to buy NFTs. The process of bidding on and purchasing new coins is simple, with the option to use your favorite coins like BNB, ETH, or BUSD.

6. MakersPlace

Makers Place is one of the most exclusive NFT marketplaces out there. The company prides itself on hosting numerous unique collections, with a total volume that might be towards the lower end ($25.69 million as I write this). However, they still have plenty to offer in terms of exclusivity and creativity!

The site is a haven for musicians and their fans. In February 2021, Beeple’s famous $1 drop on MakersPlace crashed the site. The $1 per piece offer has been met with massive enthusiasm as it gives people an opportunity to get something exclusive that they could quickly sell for millions.

MakersPlace is very easy to use, and you can log in with Google or Facebook accounts.

7. Solanart

Solana is a new blockchain that has been gaining popularity in recent months. It’s an Ethereum rival with more developers, faster transactions speeds, and cheaper gas fees for users than its predecessor- but what makes it really stand out?

On Solanart you can find some of the most popular NFT collections such as Degenerate Ape Academy, Jungle Cats Lioness, and SolPunks. However, Solanart is a curated set of NFT collections, so only certain types are available for purchase.

The only way to get started on Solanart is to download a Solana wallet like Phantom or Solflare and load it up with Solana from your exchange of choice.

8. Axie Marketplace

Axie Marketplace is the ultimate Axie collector’s paradise. With so many different NFTs to choose from, you’ll be able to find everything that your heart desires in this game and then some! From new axies up through entire lands – there are no limits when it comes time for collecting these adorable creatures of legend…or maybe just because they’re cute as heck?

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9. Mintable

Mintable, backed by billionaire Mark Cuban is an open marketplace that aims to be like no other. To participate in buying or selling NFTs on Mintable, you’ll need Ethereum, so make sure it’s available before signing up!

This platform also supports minting for creators of all types who want their work reflected as a digital asset – photographers, musicians, etcetera are able to use this service if they’ve got great creations worth sharing with us here at home (or beyond!)

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10. Theta Drop

Theta is a blockchain platform built for the decentralized distribution of video and TV on the internet. The NFT marketplace Theta Drop made its debut in 2021 with World Poker Tour’s digital collectibles – an early adopter and uses to stream content through this amazing technology!

What is the biggest NFT marketplace in terms of volume?

1. OpenSea14.68B
2. Axie Infinity3.94B
3. CryptoPunks2.4B
4. NBA Top Shot776.49M
5. Solanart593.46M
6. Mobox530.85M
7. Magic Eden380.62M
8. AtomicMarket323.09M
9. Rarible277.9M
10. SuperRare.co212.3M
NFT Marketplaces All-time Volume ( as per 1st Jan 2022 )

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