How to Get Real Estate Listing Leads

If you are interested in real estate leads for your business, then keep reading.

Real estate leads are buyers or sellers of homes that have contacted you to show them a house. These leads are valuable because they are actively looking for their next home.

The simplest way to get buyer/seller leads is by posting your ads on sites like Realtor and Zillow. There are other methods that can be more effective, such as buying leads or posting on popular forums.

Let’s dive into the different ways:

Posting Your Own Ads

First I’ll talk about the most common way to get real estate leads: by posting your own ads.

The cost of these usually ranges from $20-$80 per lead (excluding Buyers and sellers may contact you through email or phone. You can use this information to create a list of leads.

To find your own ads, go to the websites such as Zillow and Realtor, and search for “real estate leads”.

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How About Posting on Craiglist

The final way of getting leads is by posting on popular forums. Popular forums are places like Craiglist, which get hundreds of visitors every day, searching for houses or real estate agents.

This will help you get your name out there and possibly get some phone calls. When posting on these sites, make sure that your post is just a simple informative paragraph on how you can help people. A link to your site would be beneficial if you have one.

What To Do Once the Leads Contact Me

Once these leads contact you, make sure that you get all of their information (name and number for phone and email or address if they want to see the house) and send them an estimate of what it will cost to sell the house. Then set up a time for them to meet you.

When showing the property, make sure to be professional and stay composed even if the person is rude or demanding. If they are interested in buying or selling their house, then answer any of their questions thoroughly and politely.

If they seem hesitant about anything, then don’t push it and just let them know that you would be happy to answer any more of their questions.

After they see the home or talk with the agent, get the lead information again and send them a thank you note telling them how much of an honor it was for you to get their business. After that, keep in contact with them every once in a while to see if they are interested in doing anything with their home.

If you don’t get any leads after posting your ads, then consider lowering the cost of the ad or trying another website. Also, make sure that people can actually contact you back through email or phone (e.g. do not link to your site or Facebook page).

Finally if you are interested in getting leads, consider purchasing them off of websites. Just make sure that the leads are fresh and have not already been sold to someone else. The price will vary depending on how many leads you want.

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Types of Real Estate Listing Leads

There are many different companies that offer all kinds of real estate services. You can purchase leads from them as well. There are two types of leads that you may purchase: home buying leads and home selling leads.

Home buying leads consist of people who have contacted a real estate agent to show them some houses. They either want to sell their current house or simply look for a new one. Home selling leads are similar, except they are looking to purchase a house.

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

Some companies offer a monthly subscription for real estate leads. You get a certain amount of buyers and sellers every month. The prices vary, depending on how many leads you want and the quality of the leads (fresh or old). Some examples are listed below:

In a conclusion, I have to say that there are many ways to get real estate listing leads. Make sure to try several different websites and forums like Craiglist. Also, make sure that you actually know what you’re doing in the industry (for example, if you want home buying leads, then make sure that you can sell houses).

If nothing is working for you, consider finding a company that offers leads. Also, try to use as many of these methods as possible so that you get the most amount of leads.

Thank you for reading my article on getting real estate leads! I hope that this article has helped you and wish you luck in your future endeavors!

All forms of advertising are good; it only depends on how you use them.

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