How to Get Real Estate Listing Leads

If you’re looking to generate real estate leads for your business, keep reading.

Real estate leads consist of potential buyers or sellers who have reached out to you for assistance in viewing homes. These leads are valuable because they are actively seeking their next property.

The easiest way to attract buyer/seller leads is by placing ads on platforms like Realtor and Zillow. However, there are more effective methods available, such as purchasing leads or engaging with popular forums.

Posting Your Own Ads

Let’s start with the most common method for generating real estate leads: posting your own ads.

Typically, the cost for these leads ranges from $20 to $80 each (excluding Potential buyers and sellers may reach out to you via email or phone, allowing you to compile a list of leads.

To post your ads, visit websites like Zillow and Realtor, and search for “real estate leads.”

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How About Posting on Craiglist

Another effective method for generating leads is by posting on popular forums. Platforms like Craigslist, which attract hundreds of visitors daily searching for homes or real estate agents, are excellent places to start.

Posting on these forums can help increase your visibility and potentially result in phone calls from interested parties. When creating your posts, ensure they are simple and informative, explaining how you can assist people with their real estate needs. If you have a website, including a link to it would be beneficial.

What To Do Once the Leads Contact Me

Once these leads contact you, ensure you gather all their information (name, phone number, email, or address if they want to view the house) and provide them with an estimate of what it will cost to sell the property. Then, arrange a meeting time.

When showing the property, maintain professionalism and composure, even if the person is rude or demanding. If they are interested in buying or selling, answer their questions thoroughly and politely.

If they seem hesitant about anything, don’t push them. Let them know you are happy to answer any further questions they may have.

After the showing or conversation, collect the lead’s information again and send them a thank-you note, expressing how much you appreciate their business. Maintain contact periodically to see if they have any further interest in their real estate needs.

If you don’t receive any leads after posting your ads, consider lowering the cost of the ad or trying a different website. Additionally, ensure that people can contact you directly via email or phone, rather than through a link to your site or Facebook page.

Lastly, if you’re interested in obtaining more leads, consider purchasing them from reputable websites. Ensure the leads are fresh and haven’t been sold to others. The price will vary based on the number of leads you want.

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Types of Real Estate Listing Leads

There are many companies offering a variety of real estate services, including the option to purchase leads. These leads come in two main types: home buying leads and home selling leads.

Home buying leads consist of individuals who have contacted a real estate agent to view properties. These leads may include people looking to sell their current home or those simply searching for a new one. On the other hand, home selling leads are from individuals specifically looking to purchase a house.

Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

Some companies offer a monthly subscription for real estate leads. You get a certain amount of buyers and sellers every month. The prices vary, depending on how many leads you want and the quality of the leads (fresh or old).

Some examples are listed below:

Real Estate Leads Subscription Services

Real Estate Leads Subscription Services

Bold LeadsOffers a subscription service providing a set number of buyer and seller leads monthly. Pricing varies based on lead quantity and quality.
Market LeaderProvides a monthly subscription with a specified amount of real estate leads, both buyers and sellers, with options for lead freshness.
ZurpleDelivers monthly leads through a subscription service, focusing on both buyers and sellers, with varying costs depending on lead quality.
Zillow Premier AgentOffers a subscription service that includes a certain number of leads per month, catering to both buyers and sellers, with flexible pricing.
OffrsProvides monthly subscription plans for real estate leads, with a mix of fresh and older leads, and pricing based on lead volume and quality.
Zoho CRMFeatures a subscription model for real estate leads, offering a set number of buyer and seller leads each month with pricing dependent on lead quality.

In a conclusion, I have to say that there are many ways to get real estate listing leads. Make sure to try several different websites and forums like Craiglist. Also, make sure that you actually know what you’re doing in the industry (for example, if you want home buying leads, then make sure that you can sell houses).

If nothing is working for you, consider finding a company that offers leads. Also, try to use as many of these methods as possible so that you get the most amount of leads.

Thank you for reading my article on getting real estate leads! I hope that this article has helped you and wish you luck in your future endeavors!

All forms of advertising are good; it only depends on how you use them.

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