How Much Does It Cost to Create an NFT

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been around for a few years now, and they cover anything from digital art to audio files or virtual worlds. The cost of minting these collectibles can fall anywhere between $1-$1000, depending on what you want it done with! 

But how much exactly does it cost to create an NFT? 

One NFT artist, Allen Gannett, wrote a story about how he made four of his famous paintings for free and then had to spend over $1,300 in minting fees.

A working understanding from this passage is that some people download art from the Metropolitan museum but still have no choice but pay up because they cannot do it themselves or afford expensive paints/stencils etc.

Minting Fees 

Here are some of the more significant expenses to consider when listing an NFT on any platform. 

First, you will often have Ethereum gas fees that average around $70 per transaction and can be as high as nearly $1000 if necessary in rare cases such as setting up listings for sale or auctioning off your item – this is determined by how active their network tends towards being.

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You may also find site-specific charges like those incurred while advertising special offers through services provided from specific websites; these vary greatly depending upon what type they might entail, so it’s best not just assume anything!

To help you get started, many popular wallets will charge a small fee of between $70 and $120. But some may require that the user purchase coins at cost – meaning they’re ready for use right away but come with no financial upside if their value decreases over time.

What is Minting


A non-fungible token is a special kind of crypto asset. As the term “non-fungible” suggests, each NFT has its own chain properties, which means that even if two tokens represent an essentially identical digital file or copy from one another, they can still be identified as unique due to how this type of cryptocurrency works with blockchain tech.

From the perspective of blockchain, NFTs are essentially just transactions with metadata. However, since we can assign any digital file to that transaction and turn JPEG images or MP3 files into crypto assets through innovative use-cases like tokenizing physical products, this has created an entirely new way for content creators to be compensated in manners other than monetary value alone!

That’s why there is considerable confusion when we’re talking about minting NFTs. Does it refer to creating the art and digital file, the transaction itself, or maybe the entire process? 

The consensus in the crypto community is that the process of executing a transaction and assigning parameters to an NFT is referred to as minting.

What is the cheapest way to mint an NFT?

Fortunately, there is a way to create/mint an NFT without spending anything. It’s called lazy minting, and it means that gas fees will be deferred to the buyer at the time of purchase. Lazy Minting can take up to three weeks, and it has a minimal impact on our environment.

How to create an NFT in a few simple steps

  1. Create a wallet ( Metamask chrome extension )
  2. Upload your items to marketplace of choice ( Best NFT Marketplaces )
  3. Transfer the items to the blockchain
  4. Once minted you can list the items for sale

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