How to Restore an Old Ripple Wallet

I recently found on my Google Drive a strange file with the name XRP-Wallet, and I remembered that I’d bought some Ripple Coins a few years ago.

But how to recover and restore that file and add it to a cryptocurrency exchange and sell those ripples? That was the question. I’ve spent a few hours researching the topic and found that the only way to restore an old ripple wallet file is to use GateHub.

You must upload your cold XRP wallet to the exchange and then operate with it. Remember that you must always have at least 25 XRP to maintain your wallet. This means you always lose that 25 XPR when you want to send it to another exchange.

Here’s what I did in a few steps:

1. Create a GateHub account and verify it.

That was probably the easiest part of the job. I’ve created the GateHub account and verified my identity with an ID card. The verification process is usually time-consuming and takes a few days, but with GateHub, it took only around 10 minutes in total. So, good job, GateHub.

Sign up screen on GateHub
The Sign Up Screen on GateHub

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2/ Upload your offline Ripple wallet to the GateHub wallet.

Click on Add Wallet button and select Import Wallet on the right side of the pop-up screen.

upload offline ripple wallet screen

After that, add your XRP Ledger Wallet secret key inside the wallet file you have.

secret key name on GateHub

In the next step, you need to provide the offline password for that wallet ( hopefully you have it somewhere ), and voila! Your old Ripple wallet is imported in GateHub. You can now sell, buy, or HODL as you wish.

P.S. I found that I’ve got around 300 ripples in my old wallet.

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