12 Best Jobs for Stay at Home Moms with No Experience

Many of us are working hard to build multiple income streams. If your job was wobbly during the pandemic, or if you are home caring for children and looking to generate income when you can, one of the jobs listed below could be exactly what you need to do. Some of them require a set schedule, while others can be tackled before everyone is out of bed or even after bath time. If you have an internet connection and a knack for writing, data entry, or catching mistakes, you can be earning in just a short time!

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1.Start a blog

Blogging definitely scores some points as a way to make money. First of all, most people blog about what they know or what they are working on figuring out, so you will never be bored. Additionally, once your blog gains traction, you will make money on old columns as well as new ones. Finally, if you have a following on social media, you can make money as an influencer, an Amazon affiliate, or by simply creating an ad banner for your blog. Do be aware that blogging income can be slow at the start.


If you have ever found an error in a magazine or newspaper and had to put the article down because it bothered you so much, proofreading may be your new marketable skill. The proofer is the polisher of the final item. You scrub the document for the last few glitches, typing errors, grammatical problems, and punctuation mistakes. A proofer needs terrific attention to detail and the ability to focus on polishing the document up without getting wrapped up in the narrative. Check this Upwork hub for Proofreading Jobs.


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A ghostwriter can turn their fascination with the stories of others into a book. For example, if there is a person who has had great success, come through some very tough experiences, or has a good story, they may not be interested in writing down their story. However, a good ghostwriter can do just that. You may need to correspond with the person who has lived the story, or you may need to interview them and write as you go. Getting paid as a ghostwriter often means getting an advance. These projects can take time.

How to become a ghostwriter? Check TextBroker’s Author hub page for more information.

4.Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone who:

  • sets a calendar
  • manages incoming correspondence
  • does some data entry
  • takes care of what needs to happen

If you keep weird hours anyway, you may find that being a virtual assistant for someone who lives halfway around the world actually works for you. You may work on projects as mundane as making dinner reservations, or you may be keying in expense receipts. No matter who you are assisting, it is possible to cobble together a few of these gigs each day and make up to $60 per hour.

You want to become a VA? Check all virtual assistant jobs on Upwork.

5.Pinterest Assistant

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A Pinterest assistant helps out master pinners and promoters who need help:

  • posting and updating images
  • writing ad copy that catches the eye of search engines
  • pinning things at just the right time

If you have your finger on the pulse of Pinterest, you know how quickly something can trend and just how much traffic can be directed to the leaders of a trend that takes off. Your job is to watch these trending pins, make sure that the copy and images for your pinner are top-notch, and get on the platform and promote.

Where to find Pinterest assistant jobs? Check on Facebook groups related to Digital Marketing, SEO, and Blogging.

6.Data Entry Specialist

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If you have excellent data entry skills, such as ten keys and an eye for detail, being a remote data entry specialist can be a great gig that you can work in short bursts of time. If you are interested in looking for such a gig, consider getting a second monitor so you can work quickly from screen to screen. As a general rule, having a good headset available is also useful, as you may need to transcribe. If you are going to do this work as a stay at home mom, do your best to set a schedule and get your little ones either down for a nap or out for a playdate. Interruptions can be hard to manage when doing this form of work.

Where you can find data entry specialist jobs? Check Indeed’s Data Entry Specialist hub page.

7.Customer Service Representative

You will need a strong internet connection and a block of time, but serving customers from home can actually be quite lucrative. This is also something that you can do from home that will ultimately turn into more hours or even a full-time gig with benefits when you can put more time into it. Having a nice phone voice is helpful, as is being able to work uninterrupted. However, if you can serve as a chat responder, background noise may not be a problem. A phone with a headset is a great investment, both for sound clarity and to keep your hands free.

8.Teach English Online

Teaching English online is a terrific gig for folks who keep weird hours. You will need a good background to engage your students, time for a bit of training, a headset, and a sense of fun. Children in these programs are generally very tightly scheduled and work very hard on their schooling. If you can help a child learn new words with lots of facial expressions and a bit of drama, you can more easily build up a following and get more students.

You want to become an online tutor, but don’t know where to start? Check Preply.

9.Sell Crafts on Etsy

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If you have crafting skills, selling your products on Etsy can turn quite lucrative. Make sure you have a space to store your stock and that you have the time to create more. If you know other creative types who love to make handcrafts but have no real knowledge of how to sell their creations, you could also consider serving as a consigner for other artisans. For those items, you would receive a commission for what is sold, but if you are great at photographing the work of other artists, you could both make some extra money!

10.In-Home Childcare

For those who are home with children, taking on additional children can seem a simple step. However, to make sure that you are covered legally, consider checking out the rules, updating your first aid skills, and checking your insurance. You may also want to start by taking children just for half a day to make sure this will work well with your children.

11.House Cleaning

a women with headphones cleaning a wall with

Curiously, you do not have to have a spotless house to be a good housekeeper. If you hate to clean but would happily do it for money, you may be a great candidate to start a housekeeping business. To do this right, you will need to develop a client base. Because so much of this work is gained by word of mouth, do your best to over deliver. If you think you will be done in two hours, finish 15 minutes sooner but take an extra step and point it out to your new client. Take payments on many platforms to make things easy for your client. Finally, plan to be really busy on Thursday and Friday. Lots of folks love a clean house for the weekend.

Wondering where you can find house cleaning jobs? Check regularly Indeed’s dedicated page.

12.Become a YouTuber

There are a lot of folks starting their own YouTube channels. Like blogging, YouTube is a way to make passive income. That is, you can get paid for each video, no matter how old they are. You can even become a millionaire on YouTube.

Because you can shoot your videos on your phone, you can often get started with nothing more than a great idea and a tripod. If you have terrific grandma skills, such as baking bread, making pickles, or preparing jam from the berries you grow in your own yard, now may be your time. Self-sufficiency is all the rage!

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